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From corp chat I heard “entosing” several times and wondered what this could be. Today I have been invited in a fleet to “entose”. Having no clue I got an “Entosis Link I”, fitted it to the highslot of my trusty Vigil and jumped twenty eight systems together with Tessa to the fleet.

entosis link

For the complex game mechanics check: Entosis. I am always <3ing those complex mechanics in EVE. It’s not complex – it’s EVE 🙂

Having the travel done I was ordered to “attack” a structure with the Entosis Link.

attack structure I

The timer said eighty one minutes three second till destruction…
Fortunately after a warmup phase of about five minutes the timer goes rapidly down:

attack structure II

Unfortunately during my attack, I also have been attacked and barely escaped in my capsule.


Being 40+ jumps from home I decided to self destruct and ended up floating in space …

self destruct


After this small adventure I immediately rested enjoying the zen of mining…


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New view: Ego Shooter

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New to EVE is the new ego perspective. Well its not that you can now play á la Wing Commander, but it’s nice 🙂

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Yeah – an award

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Thanks to my brave work I got an award:

medal awarded



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