Streiten bringt nix, oder ?

Posted on August 8, 2017

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  1. best fish and chips in St Catharines:

    I am currently using Tumblr as my default platform.
    I kinda want
    something like what you have. Congrats, I think I need to invest
    into an effective website.

    11.09.2017 15:31

  2. Arno F. Pucher:

    Thanks for your kind words.

    Just an remark to your Tumblr – maybe use a better quality photo as “cover photo” ?

    You can also check my Tumblr – – mostly a photo blog with snapshots of my life or my other places in the internet, which can be found @

    My site is based on, which can be easily adapted (if you are an IT guy) and gives a solid base instead of creating web sites from scratch like I did 1994 🙂

    If you like, as I offer also some help free of charge (as stated in ) I can also help you with a quick skype call on doing it yourself or even create this site for you if you like as its own project.

    For business information just check –

    Best Regards,
    Arno Pucher aka. Eol Ruin

    12.09.2017 03:14

  3. Arno F. Pucher:

    Feel free to contact me (skype “arnopucher” preferred) or use the other info supplied on

    14.09.2017 05:12

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